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Join Siege Camp

Siege Camp is looking for talent that enjoys independent problem solving and creative ownership over code, art, and design. Work on a tight knit team that values a friendly work environment and personal wellbeing.

Apply today and help us achieve our vision of putting thousands of players onto a persistent online battlefield.


At Siege Camp, we pride ourselves on delivering unprecedented MMO experiences set in richly detailed original universes where thousands of players work together and come away with organic, engaging stories to tell. To help bring the world of Anvil Empires to life, we’re looking for a passionate 3D environment artist.

This 3D Environment Artist position is a 6-8 month contract. 

Anvil Empires features a naturalistic medieval world full of mystery, texture, and wonder while being easily understood and iconic for players. Environment Artists work alongside level designers to design and build rock formations, terrain, trees and foliage, natural set dressing, structures and set pieces that fit the unique setting of Anvil Empires.

  • Delivering high-quality and technically sound rock formations, cliffs, foliage, medieval structures and props.

  • Design and build modular assets that will cover miles of digital terrain.

  • Create tiling environment textures appropriate for a medieval setting.

  • Be the owner of your assets; manage, maintain, and communicate updates and revisions.

  • Solicit and apply feedback from Art Leads and other collaborators.

  • Work closely with Team Leads to drive home the vision of the project.

  • Enthusiastic about working on a Live Pre-Alpha game.

  • Bring a positive attitude into creative discussions when giving/receiving feedback.

  • At least 2-4 years of experience in game development as an artist specializing in organic/natural modelling using 3D modelling tools such as Blender, Photoshop, Zbrush, Unreal Engine, Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

  • A portfolio with asset breakdowns demonstrating your skills and technical knowledge.

  • Experience working in a collaborative environment.

  • Experience adapting to established conventions.

  • Exceptional understanding of next-generation asset creation pipelines and tools.

  • A high-level understanding of basic art principles (Silhouette, shape, composition, texture, colour theory, etc).

  • Comfortable working in an independent, fast-paced environment which may see direction change dramatically and quickly.

  • Work well without constant supervision or direction.

  • Excited to work on highly ambitious Massively Multiplayer games.

Nice to Have
  • Passion for and knowledge of ancient warfare/history.

  • Skill in one or more related disciplines: animation, visual effects, or technical art.

Submission/Portfolio Requirements
  • Resume

  • Portfolio, and/or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills

    • Only online artwork submissions will be accepted (e.g. website, blog, or online album)


Submit your resume and portfolio to

Candidates that are legally allowed to work in Canada are preferred, but remote opportunities are also also available.

3D Environment Artist


​We are looking for a skilled and motivated programmer to join the engineering team to develop innovative massively multiplayer online games for PC. You must be able to independently solve complex technical problems and work effectively in a team environment.
Siege Camp is an established, independent studio that has been in the industry for over 10 years now. It's our goal to develop innovative games that puts thousands of players into the same persistent, online world. We self publish our own games which gives us full creative freedom and allows us to focus entirely on making great games rather than meeting the financial demands of a publisher.
  • A minimum of 4 years of C or C++ experience

  • A solid understanding of linear algebra and geometry

  • Experience with multithreaded programming

  • Knowledge of basic networking principles

  • Self-motivated and able to solve problems independently

  • Ability to take on multiple roles and adapt to changing project conditions

  • Ability to take criticism with a positive attitude and able to work well in a team environment

  • Passion for massively multiplayer and/or sandbox games

  • Experience with console or PC game development

  • Experience with Unreal Engine

  • Experience with multiplayer game programming

  • Submit an application to and include:

    • Resume

    • Links to any relevant past work demonstrating programming experience (e.g. hobby projects, etc)

  • A programming test will be required at the interview stage

If hired, you will be working full-time on Foxhole or Anvil Empires.

Candidates that are legally allowed to work in Canada are preferred, but remote opportunities are also also available.

Game Programmer

Siege Camp encourages applications from people with disabilities. We will provide reasonable accommodation upon request for candidates taking part in the recruitment process.

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